The 7 Most Common Reasons to Call an Online Vet

1. Skin Conditions

Online vets see consultations on many types of skin conditions. This can include itching secondary to seasonal allergies, chronic allergies, food allergies, skin infections, and skin wounds.

When your pet is not responding to your at home treatments like bathing and antihistamines, it is time to contact TelePAWS to get additional teleadvice that may be helpful to your pet.

2. Eye Infections

Another common reason pet owners call online vets is when their cat or dog has an eye infection or irritation. This can be caused by a corneal ulcer, scratch on the cornea, bacterial or viral infections, dry eye disease, or allergies.

Treating at home with an eye wash can help soothe the symptoms, but if your pet continues to squint their eye, paw at their face, or have eye discharge, it is time to set up an appointment with a vet at TelePAWS.

3. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common reason for pet owners to contact an online vet. There are many causes for a pet to have diarrhea including parasites, dietary, viral or bacterial infections, inflammatory bowel disease, ingesting foreign material, liver or kidney disease, and multiple other causes.

Feeding a bland diet such as chicken or ground beef and white rice for a few days may be enough to get your pet back on track with their stools. Due to changes in state laws and regulations, TelePAWS is unable to prescribe medication. Our doctors will be happy to suggest over-the-counter alternatives for your pet care needs.

4. Fleas

A common reason for pet owners to contact an online vet is when their dog or cat has fleas. This aggravating skin parasite can quickly escalate into a full blown infestation, causing discomfort for everyone in the home. Scratching and chewing of the skin can result in hair loss and skin infections over time when fleas are becoming a major burden for a pet.

Online vets at TelePAWS can suggest high-quality oral flea and tick preventatives for your pets. These preventatives will work well to kill parasites and prevent them from becoming an infestation. Keep your household flea-free with the best products on the market by contacting your online vet.

5. Ear Infections

Ear infections are another common reason for calling an online vet. Most ear infections are secondary to allergies resulting in overgrowth of yeast and bacteria in the ears. Keeping the ears cleaned out with a pet-safe ear cleaner will help relieve some symptoms of discharge, redness and itching.

If your pet’s ears are irritated and itchy, an online vet can assess the situation and offer advice to clear the infection and soothe the ears. The vets at TelePAWS are available every day to set up an appointment.

6. Arthritis

Joint pain and limping secondary to arthritis are common reasons for a consultation with an online vet. Arthritis develops in injured joints and in pets as they age. This can lead to decreased desire to go on walks, lameness, and swollen, painful joints.

Over-the-counter pain medications such as Aspirin and Tylenol are not recommended for use in pets due to the side effects. Joint supplements such as glucosamine and fish oil are helpful in decreasing the progression of arthritis. For chronic pain, an online vet can suggest medications that may be helpful in getting your pet moving and comfortable again. Set up an appointment with an online vet at TelePAWS to assess the severity of your pet’s arthritis.

7. Urinary Tract Infections

Urinating in the house, straining to urinate, blood in the urine, and frequent urination are signs of a urinary tract infection, the final most common reason for a consultation with an online vet. When your pet has a urinary tract infection, you will want fast, reliable treatment to get them back to normal.

Although in many jurisdictions, TelePAWS Veterinarians cannot prescribe medication, an online vet can suggest antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections. If you are noticing discomfort while urinating, blood in the urine, or your pet is asking to go outside excessively, it’s time to contact a vet at TelePAWS.

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  1. My dog has been receiving vetsulin for 18 months. After the initial diag of diabetes we were prescribed Vestsulin (@ 5 units bid every 12 hours after a meal). Our dog was traumatized when going through the diagnosis phase and for 2 day would not drink water until we arrived to pick her up. Our dog is 9 years old and does not handle any vet procedure without severe issues psychologically and physiologically. My wife and I have been able to manage how much insulin to give our dog since the doctor’s advice varied and caused negative issues. I told our vet what we would do because we could read our dog’s health level so we decided on 5 units bid, which for 18 months has worked miraculously. I understand the blood level tests and all but as noted before it was hit or miss with our vet’s recommendation and I just told him we would handle the dosage ourselves, which has worked beautifully. The vet wants us to come back and run a bunch of tests but there is absolutely no need for that as the dosage noted is working just fine. If there were a change in our dog’s health or another issue we would go to the vet and have him check her out but that is not needed. We just need a prescription for Vetsulin (a new vial every month) to maintain the health of our pet. What is the cost for one of your vets to prescribe that for our dog?

    1. I apologize for the late response. We would need an annual exam for $50 and an updated Fructosamine level from your vet in order to prescribe insulin. The insulin price will be determined by the pharmacy that you purchase it through. Hope this helps! Please go to our website to set up an appointment.

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