5 Low Cost Vet Options for Pet Owners

1. Spay/Neuter Clinics Offer Low Cost Veterinary Services

If you have a pet that needs to be spayed or neutered and you cannot afford the price at your regular veterinary hospital, there are spay/neuter clinics throughout the country that offer low-cost surgeries. Many of these clinics will also provide vaccines at lower prices as well.

2. Vaccine Clinics Provide Affordable Veterinary Care

Vaccination Clinics are conveniently located throughout the country and can usually be found in the larger pet stores. Most of these clinics are not fully equipped to provide full veterinary services, but most will provide affordable preventative veterinary care for your pet. They offer
pet vaccination, anti-parasitic treatment, and diagnostic screening for all dogs and cats.

3. The Humane Society Assists With Veterinary Services

In your area, the local Humane Society may be a source for affordable pet care services and options.  The Humane Society provides Low-cost spay/neuter services to prevent over-population of cats and dogs. The Humane Society provides vaccine clinics to keep your pets’ current with vaccines. Other services may include microchip implantation, dewormer, and flea control. You and your pet may struggle with nail trimming. Affordable Nail Trimming is another service that the Humane Society offers. Some Humane Society facilities offer pet training and pet behavior advice. Coming soon…TelePAWS will be offering affordable online Pet Training and Pet Behavior services. In some areas, the Humane Society may offer mobile vet services.

4. Charitable funds like AVMF Assist Pet Owners Obtain Veterinary Care for Their Pets

The Veterinary Care Charitable Fund (VCCF) is a program created by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) to provide veterinarians with a simple and effective way to offer charitable veterinary services to clients facing personal hardships as well as a means to support animals who are injured or rescued from abuse and neglect. Only veterinary hospitals that are enrolled in VCCF can offer low- or no-cost services to clients.

5. Teleadvice and Telemedicine Provides Lower Cost Veterinary Care

The TelePAWS has experienced/dedicated veterinarians to advise pet owners on preventive care options for their pets. The convenience and comfort (for pets and owners) of being able to ‘visit’ a veterinarian from home can be an invaluable experience for many. Because pet telemedicine is a relatively new service, there may be hesitation and skepticism. With the right online vet, the experience should be comfortable, easy, and informative. Be prepared for a lot of questions. The more information that the veterinarian gets about your pet, the better the advice and prognosis. Clients can access TelePAWS’ low-cost vet services from anywhere in the U.S. 

Talk to an Online Vet Today! For only $50 you can book an appointment with a vet and get help for your pet today!

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How Does An Online Vet Consultation Work?

Teleadvice has been used for many years to treat people’s illnesses and provide a convenient way for doctors to treat their patients. Did you know that teleadvice is also available for your pets as well?

We will discuss the use of teleadvice and what you can expect when you make an appointment with an online vet at TelePAWS.

1. When Would I Use an Online Vet?

Have you considered using an online vet for your pet’s needs? We are here when you don’t have the time to take your pet to your local vet hospital. Perhaps you live a long distance from a hospital or you will be unable to get an appointment with them sooner than you expected. TelePAWS online vets are available at a time that is convenient for you.

If your pet is terrified of the vet hospital, try using an online vet. Your pet will have no idea that they are being seen by a veterinarian in the comfort of their own home. If you dread the idea of dragging your cat or dog to see their vet, we are here to help.

Online vets at TelePAWS can help with many different illnesses and concerns that pet owners see regularly. Common problems we advise on most often are skin allergies resulting in itchy skin and skin infections, ear infections, urinary tract infections, arthritis, anxiety and other behavioral problems, food allergies, upper respiratory infections, intestinal parasites (worms), diarrhea, vomiting, superficial bite wounds, and much more.

2. When You Sign Up For an Appointment

At TelePAWS, we have created a simple website for you to use. Just visit www.TelePAWS.com to get started.

When you are ready to set up an appointment with a vet, click on the button that says, Request an Appointment, and fill out the form.

3. How Long Does it Take?

Once you have submitted the online form, you can expect a vet to contact you by text or email within a few hours. They will then set up a time for the appointment that works best for you.

Appointments typically last anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending upon the complexity of the problem. You will be given ample time to have your questions answered.

4. What Will You Need?

TelePAWS appointments take place through teleconference using an app called Zoom.

You can download this app for free on your computer, cell phone, or tablet. If you have a bigger pet or your pet is not able to move easily, it is best to use a phone or tablet that you can take to your pet in order for the vet to get a visual look at him/her through the video.

5. How Do I Get Prescriptions?

New laws and regulations regarding prescriptions have severely limited TelePAWS from issuing prescriptions. If you need a prescription, you may need to make a traditional appointment with your local veterinarian.

If you have concerns about your pet and need help from a reliable, trusted source, visit TelePAWS for the best online vet care available.

Talk to an Online Vet Today! For only $50 you can book an appointment with a vet and get help for your pet today.

TeleVet vs. TelePAWS: Which Online Vet Solution is Right For You?

Telemedicine/Teleadvice is increasingly being used more in veterinary medicine as a way for pet owners to care for their furry loved ones. With all of the apps and websites advertising telemedicine/teleadvice for pets, how do you know which one to choose? We will compare two veterinary telemedicine/teleadvice companies to help make this decision easier.

What is TeleVet?

TeleVet is a company that helps veterinarians communicate with their clients through online apps. In order for a pet owner to use the TeleVet app, their regularly visited veterinary clinic must be enrolled in a plan through TeleVet. Not all veterinarians will use this company for communicating with their clients.

See more information about TeleVet here.

What is TelePAWS?

TelePAWS is a company that provides high quality veterinary care to all pet owners. The veterinarians at TelePAWS provide video conferencing visits at times that work best for you, including after the hours that most veterinary hospitals are closed.

The veterinarians who are employed at TelePAWS are selected for their overall medical experience, good bedside manner, and caring for animals. You can be certain that you will receive the best care for your pet by trusting the vets at TelePAWS.

Read more about TelePAWS.

How Much Does it Cost?

TeleVet costs for pet owners depends upon the individual vet clinic through which they communicate. Veterinary clinics pay TeleVet monthly to use their telecommunication services, and the clinic then sets a certain price for their consultations with the pet owner. This can be highly variable depending upon the type of consultation and what problems they are treating.

TelePAWS costs $50 per call with a veterinarian. A 4-pack of appointments can be purchased at a discounted rate of $150.00 as well. You can also sign up for a monthly subscription for $20/month, allowing you to have up to 6 appointments a year with a TelePAWS veterinarian. There are no hidden fees and setting up appointments is quick and easy!

Find out more about TelePAWS pricing here.

How Does it Work?

Veterinary clinics will determine if they wish to enroll in the services provided by TeleVet. If your regular vet does not pay the monthly fee for TeleVet, you will not be able to use TeleVet to get veterinary care for your pet. If your regular vet is enrolled with TeleVet, you will asked to pay the fees that your vet decides to charge for their time to provide the telemedicine consultation.

With TelePAWS, you will be guaranteed a consultation with an online vet at a time that is convenient for you. After you sign up for the appointment through the TelePAWS website, you will be contacted by a vet who will determine a time to meet through video conference that works for you. You will be given instructions on how to use the app for the meeting with your online vet. The process from start to finish is simple, fast, and easy to understand.

Talk to an Online Vet Today! For only $50 you can book an appointment with a vet and get help for your pet today.

Televet: Teledoc for Your Pet

Would you like to get veterinary care at home at a low cost?  Did you know that this is available to you?  

Telemedicine has been used for years in human medicine to diagnose and treat many different problems.  Now, this same service is available for our pets as well.  Televet service is the easiest, lowest cost way to get care for your four-legged family members.  

Why Televet?

Does your pet hate to go to the vet?  

Is your regular veterinary hospital closed?  

Is the weather terrible?  

Do you live a far distance from a veterinarian?  

Do you want to avoid taking time off from work to take your pet to see the vet?

Do you want to avoid paying high fees to see an after-hours vet?

Do you want a second opinion?  

These reasons, and many more, are why online veterinary medicine is quickly becoming a popular, first-line way of caring for the medical needs of your pets.  

You no longer need to go to the hassle of taking your pet to the veterinary hospital every time something is wrong.  TelePAWS is now available to provide the best veterinary care possible right in your home.

Which Televet is Best?

There are more and more companies choosing to provide televet services for pet owners.  How do you choose which one is best for you?  Listed below are the top 5 features of a televet company that you should seek:

  1.  Reliability.  A televet company should be able to provide services that you can trust.  
  2. High Quality.  You want to seek a televet company that hires vets that have excellent medical knowledge and compassion.
  3. Easy to Use.  You will want a televet company that uses software that is simple and user-friendly.
  4. Fast service that works for your schedule.  The main reason to use a televet is to receive vet care at a convenient time that works best for your busy schedule.
  5. Prescription medications.  Many televet companies, like TelePAWS, can only offer vet advice.  New laws and regulations have limited online veterinarians from prescribing medications. TelePAWS and other televet services are working to get these laws and regulations changed to better serve your pets.

At TelePAWS, we believe that we provide all 5 features of an excellent televet company.

TelePAWS is a televet company that offers innovative, high quality veterinary care from the comfort of your own home at a time that works best for you.  

TelePAWS veterinarians are hand selected for exceptional clinical and compassionate care of pets.  You can trust that your pets are in capable, caring hands.

Through a user-friendly app on your desktop or phone, you can have access to a televet at TelePAWS who will provide advice as well as suggested treatment of many illnesses that our pets experience.

How Do I Get Started?

When your pet is not feeling like himself, look to TelePAWS veterinarians.  We are available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide the best televet care available for your pet.  You can feel satisfied that your loved one is receiving the highest quality veterinary care in the most convenient and safe way possible.

Talk to a Televet Today! For only $50 you can book an appointment with a vet and get help for your pet today.