An Online Vet Case Discussion

More and more pet owners are finding that they have access to vet care through online services. By using an online vet, they are able to save time, expense, and the headache of taking a pet to the vet hospital every time an illness or injury occurs. Their pets benefit as well because they don’t have to experience anxiety by going into a vet’s office. The following is an example of an actual case that was seen by one of the online vets at TelePAWS.

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5 Summertime Activities for You and Your Dog

When summer arrives, many pet owners seek to find outdoor activities that can be enjoyed with their dogs. We have listed a few of the top summer activities that you can do with your dog. The summer heat can be difficult on some dogs, so take precautions to keep them safe while having fun.

1. Fun at the Dog Park

Dogs that love to play with other dogs will enjoy this summertime activity. Be sure to check your local dog parks for the things that will keep your dogs safe while they play. You will want to look for proper fencing, adequate drainage, well-mowed grass, cleaning supplies (bag dispensers and trash cans), plenty of shade and water, parking nearby, and benches.

Be sure to take water with you, treats, and a ball or two to throw. You’ll want to check the rules of the park which may require you to bring your pet’s vaccination records each time. Have fun meeting other dogs and their owners while you are at the park!

2. Dog Play at the Ocean

The ocean provides ample room for running and playing games with your dog during the summer. Before you pack, you’ll need to plan which beach to visit as not all beaches allow dogs. Look for a beach that will allow off-leash activity any time of the day. This will give you plenty of time to enjoy the fun times at the beach.

There are several essential items to take with you when you go to the beach with your dog: Bottled water, water dish, food and treats, collar with ID tag, vaccination records, dog-safe sunscreen, blanket, towels, dog toys, dog waste bags, Also consider a canine life vest and dog goggles (doggles) as well as a GPS tracker for the collar.

3. Taking Your Dog Hiking

Hiking provides exercise and entertainment for you and your dog. Whether you hike in the woods or on a trail around a lake, there’s so much for your dog to see and places to explore. From squirrels to deer to ducks, your friend will see so many new and exciting sights.

Your dog can even help carry the load on your hike. Dog back packs will hold all of the items you need to bring. Be sure to bring plenty of water, treats, collar/harness and leash, as well as dog booties if you’ll be hiking for long hours or on hot/rough surfaces.

4. Summer Fun at Home With Your Dog

If you have a dog that does not like being with other dogs, an aging dog, a young puppy, or it is extremely hot outside, you may want to find things to do at home instead of venturing to other places. There are many interesting ideas for you and your pet to do from the convenience of your home.

If you have a swimming pool, this is a great way for your dog to cool off on the hot days. If not, you can purchase a plastic kiddie pool to fill with water. You can also get a simple water sprinkler. Many dogs get a lot of enjoyment out of running through the sprinkler on hot days.

Another fun summer activity is making homemade dog treats. There are many recipes online to choose from. Though your dog won’t be able to help you make these treats, they will certainly love to help eat them!

Purchase a new game or toy for your dog this summer. Tug-of-war, frisbee, and Kong toys are just a few ideas to get you started. Create an agility course or teach your dog some new tricks to keep you both busy and having a great time together.

5. Camping With Your Dog

If you like to camp, how much more fun will it be to take your best friend? Exploring the grounds, hiking the trails, throwing a ball or frisbee, and meeting other dogs are all things for you and your dog to enjoy while camping.

Items that you will want to bring to the campsite for your pet: food and water, portable water dish, collar and leash with ID, first aid kit, dog booties, vaccination records, brush to remove burrs, dog bed, dog waste bags, and dog toys.

Keeping Your Dog Safe During the Summer

You will want to ensure that your furry family member is kept safe while enjoying all of these summer activities. Following these simple precautions will help in keeping them out of harm’s way.

  1. Keep your cell phone with you in case you need to call a veterinarian for advice. TelePAWS online veterinarians are available to help with your pet’s needs and when you have questions.
  2. Keep your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date. There are many infections that your dog can get when outside in the summer. By keeping your pet well vaccinated, you can avoid many illnesses.
  3. Keep your dog on regular parasitic preventatives for heartworms, intestinal parasites, fleas, and ticks. TelePAWS can advise you on the necessary preventatives to keep your dog safe from all kinds of parasites.
  4. Protect the paws, skin, eyes by using dog-safe sunscreen, dog booties, and doggles (dog goggles) while you are having fun this summer.
  5. Carry plenty of freshwater and a water bowl/travel water dish. Offer water to your dog frequently while you are in the heat to avoid dehydration. You will want to keep your dog from drinking ocean water by offering the freshwater often.
  6. Avoid heatstroke by monitoring for early symptoms such as lethargy, stumbling, vomiting, diarrhea, and difficulty breathing. Stay in the shade on very hot days as much as possible and avoid going outdoors in the hottest hours of the day. If you think your dog is exhibiting symptoms of heatstroke, take him to a veterinary hospital immediately.
  7. Snakes, spiders, and other venomous creatures can cause problems in dogs too. Be aware of your surroundings when on walks and at dog parks. Try not to let your dog wander too far off from you or out of your sight. If they are bitten, getting your dog to a veterinary hospital quickly is important.

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You can get advice on care of your pet from an online veterinarian for only $50 without having to go to the vet office.

6 Reasons an Online Vet Will Benefit You and Your Pet

Telemedicine has been used in human medicine for years to diagnose and treat a multitude of medical problems in people. In veterinary medicine, telemedicine, teleadvice, and teletriage are quickly becoming a popular way to get medical care for pets too.   Online vet companies like Telepaws allow pet owners access to veterinary medical care who are in remote areas or with disabilities that keep them from being able to get their pets in to see a veterinarian.  Veterinary telemedicine/teleadvice has many benefits for you as a pet owner to consider.

Online veterinarians provide care at a time that works for you.

We all have busy schedules.  Here at TelePAWS, we understand that you may not have time to get your pet to see the vet, especially when your pet is sick suddenly.  Using an online service like TelePAWS allows you to see a veterinarian on your time schedule.  You no longer need to worry about taking time off from work or changing your schedule to get your pet the medical care they need.

Veterinary care through the internet allows you to get care for your pet from the comfort of your home.

We all love the convenience of shopping from home using the internet.  Now even veterinary care is convenient when you see an online veterinarian from the comfort of your own home.  Using a service like TelePAWS allows your pet to receive high quality veterinary care through your computers or cell phone at home or anywhere that is convenient for you.

Your pet will not be scared to see the online veterinarian.

Most pets are scared to go to the vet hospital.  This is one of the main reasons pet owners avoid taking their pets in to see a vet.  You can completely avoid this fear by using an online veterinarian.  Your pet will receive high quality veterinary care without the hassle of dragging or sedating him to get him into the hospital.  This greatly reduces everyone’s anxiety.

Online veterinarians are available when your regular vet is closed or too busy to get you in for an appointment.

Getting an appointment with a veterinarian can be frustrating.  Your regular vet may not be able to see your pet for days.  There are times when your pet cannot wait to be seen.  TelePAWS, your most trusted online veterinarian, will provide care for your pet conveniently and quickly.

Veterinary care online is inexpensive.

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility and can be very costly.  Veterinary bills add up quickly when a pet becomes sick.  Low cost veterinary care can now be found online.  Unlike regular veterinary care in a hospital, there are less overhead costs for a telemedicine veterinarian to cover, making online vet care very affordable.  At TelePAWS, you can receive a consultation with a veterinarian for as little as $50.

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Telepaws offers online veterinarian services that results in low costs to the customer.  You get what you pay for~there are no hidden fees for a consultations, no unnecessary up-charging, and no deductibles or coinsurance that needs to be met as with pet insurance.  Not only is Telepaws affordable, but it is convenient!

Get a consultation for your pet now for as low as $50.  Sign up today!